Conference 2016!

Virginia School Counselor Assocation Conference

We can’t wait to see you at our MIDDLE LEVEL SESSION on Thursday, October 13th from 1:25pm-2:15pm!   Haven’t registered yet?  REGISTER NOW FOR CONFERENCE!  We are SUPER excited about our session.  Here are the details:

Middle Level Session
VSCA Conference 2016


Resources that celebrate the AWESOME,
yet challenging job of the MIDDLE SCHOOL COUNSELOR!

FOCUS- Change & Transition:
Supporting the Transitional Nature of Middle School

Hey Y’all!  Come on “down yonder” and get more fresh ides/ resources than you can “shake a stick at”!  Your Middle Level VP’s are two country gals ready to lead you in a fun, energetic and dynamic session.  We will focus on resources that aid in the transitional nature of middle school.  This session is sure to have something that “suits your fancy” including a unique classroom lesson plan, group plans, a study skills program structure, ideas, prize giveaways and so much more!


Wait…not time for that yet! But there is STILL time to sign up for a pre-conference session or the full conference  and we are fully prepared to accept on-site registrations. JUST A FEW UPDATES AND HIGHLIGHTS!!!

1.  Dr. Eric Sparks of the American School Counselor Association will be joining Drs. Davis and Kaffenberger in their Preconference session on Wednesday to present the ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors and how to make them work for your school counseling program!!!

2.  VSCA President Paul Harris hopes to welcome you at the President’s Reception on Wednesday, 10/12 from
7:00 – 9:00 with heavy hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar! So, come on over to the Convention Center (outside the Exhibit area) and we’ll see you there!

3.  The Graduate Student Level session on Thursday afternoon (last session) will focus on “Tips for Getting Hired” from some of Virginia’s most “seasoned” district supervisors. Come find out what districts are looking for when they hire school counselors!

Two Amazing Keynote Speakers, 80+ breakout sessions, 40+ Exhibitors, NEW VSCA merchandise, the awesome Embassy Suite breakfast and social hour……COME ENJOY!!!! There will be chances to hear from Joe Wharff from the State Department and also VSCA’s lobbyist David Bailey (who is advocating for that 1:250 ratio)! So much, so much… don’t want to miss it!

Sweet Tea, Butter Biscuits and another school year!

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August 2016


VSCA is SUPER excited about our work and continuing to advocate for school counselors all over the state.  All the hard work we do is for…YOU!  I am ELATED to team up with fellow “Country Girl” and Middle School VP-Elect, Becky Collier this year.  We are both from the same small town of Martinsville, Virginia.  (Becky’s mom was my 3rd grade teacher!)  Becky and I look forward to serving you with energy, passion and (of course!) southern charm!

Consider the following “school- opening essentials” to make the start to your year a successful one:

*Some examples are ones that I use in my current position on the elementary level.  The general idea/ components will be the same for any level.  

  • Present a “Meet the Counselor” lesson to students to remind/ refresh them on:
    • The role of a school counselor
    • How to use you/ your department as a resource
    • Expectations/ habits for academic, career and behavior/ personal/ social success
    • Any procedures/ upcoming events that you want to highlight at the beginning of the year.  (While minds are “fresh”!)
  • Plan out a “year at a glance” and be sure that each person in your department, administrators and teachers (if appropriate) have a copy.  *This will help when selecting good time frames and avoiding SUPER busy times of the year.  Planning this way also creates accountability and keeps everyone on task/ target.
  • Plan a “School Counseling Program Proposal” and/ or a “Classroom Guidance Lesson Curriculum” to share with administrators.  This communicates a collaborative voice from your department and shows your consistency/ plans for the upcoming year.  (Be “one step ahead” of being assigned excessive duties by showing how busy you will be serving students and ensuring overall school success!)
  • Utilize VSCA’s or ASCA’s crosswalk action plan document template to show how your program will directly align with state standards/ national mindsets and behaviors.

Best wishes on the year ahead!  My wish is that you will be empowered to be dynamic, skilled and creative professionals.  Work each day to make the positive difference beyond your wildest dreams!


Jentae Mayo- VSCA Middle Level VP

Please CLICK HERE to view this message in welcome letter form/ as a pdf.

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Below are some great websites for resources to start the year off right!


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Don’t forget to register for this year’s conference in Hampton, Virginia!  You will NOT be disappointed!  Your VP’s are busy planning an AWESOME session just for you!

Don’t miss it!

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WE WANT YOUR IDEAS!  (We will give you credit- we promise!)  To submit ideas or resources please e-mail us at